I am pleased that we have a lot of technological resources available this year. 
In order to help students and parent find the resources they need, I decided to list them online.
For lower grade math, we have DreamBox.  DreamBox teaches basic math skills like place value, rounding, addition, and multiplication through cute little games.  The program starts by testing what the student already knows, then systematically teaches what they have left to learn. The url is http://play.dreambox.com/c/nuxd3
If you need your password, please ask me.
We have several resources for Language Arts. 
The lower graders will have access to Raz Kids.  This website has hundreds of leveled reading books for children to practice their reading skills.  At the end of each book, there is a comprehension quiz.  If the student passes the quizzes on a level, he is automatically promoted to the next reading level.  The website is http://www.raz-kids.com/main/Login
If you need your password, please ask me. 
Encyclopedia Britannica online is new this year.  Students will be able to look up information for research papers and print out what they need.  Students can also print out reference information for their bibliographies.  The url is http://school.eb.com/
 Last year we frequently used ReadWriteThink.  It is a free website offered by the International Reading Association.  They have useful student interactives that help with writing a persuasive paragraph, making a timeline, writing poems, and many other things.  The website is http://www.readwritethink.org/
Spelling words for the year are listed at Spelling City.  The North American Division has already entered all the spelling words for grades one through eighth.  Students can print out spelling words and handwriting sheets.  They can do vocabulary matching and other activities to help them learn their spelling words.  They can also do a spelling test online where they listen to the words on the computer and type the answers.  The computer grades the test and gives them a score. We will be starting with “Theme 1.”  Within the theme, the student selects the name of the reading book that grade is using.  The url is http://www.spellingcity.com/nad-office-of-education-silver-spring-md.html
Discovery Education is an exciting new resource that we have this year.  It has videos that connect with lessons in science and social studies.  It is especially helpful for demonstrating things that are best understood by seeing it in motion, like the development of thunderheads.  The website is http://www.discoveryeducation.com/
I hope you have an exciting year!
Mrs. Judson